ode to the end times sermon.

Thank you for caring about me.

Thank you for wanting the best for me.

Thank you for keeping our eyes focused toward the future.


But we really must talk, ye the escatologically obsessed.


What about today?


What about the death in our lives today, the hope and light and life and darkness today? What about the Holy Spirit moving now, and the way I won’t get out of the way long enough for her to do what needs to be done?


What about the oppressed in the streets, now? What about the hunger and the division and the pain? What do I do today to show up for the kingdom? How do I fight this? How do I do small acts with great love? How do I worship God now?


What about the kingdom of heaven that is here? How do I seek that out? How do I join in? How do I get my hands dirty with the work that brings life for what is dead?


Where is Jesus working today?


You see, every time you start talking about the future, I know you do it with best of intentions. You want the best for me. You want me to be awake and alert, but at what cost.


As I prepare for the “end is near” there are people who I could love well, today.


The church needs to wake up, not to prepare for some unknown end but for today.


The church needs to show up, today. She needs to love, today. She needs to throw her doors open wide, today. Not for the fear and preparation of the future but for. right. now.


Church, the world needs us now. It is a shadow of the kingdom come. Eternity started when time started. There is no “do over” there is now. What we do matters now. This isn’t throw away practice, we are becoming who we are created to be already. Heaven is a continuation, not a hard stop.


I’m afraid, end times sermon, you miss the beauty of today. You miss the triune God now.


The end makes us too self-conscious, too obsessed, turned inward, and self-centered.


Church, we have a mission now.


It’s not good enough to say we’ve got Jesus. We are fine, let’s just close the doors, circle the wagons and plan for an unknown day in the future.

It’s not good enough to only invite people who are going to conform 100% to what you believe and leave everyone else to rot.


The reality is Jesus is alive today, the Holy Spirit is here now, and God cares about this moment and every moment.

So please, end times sermon, hop back on the shelf and leave us talk to about today’s work.



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